Urban Head 1975

Pop Art

Orcajo, the Spanish master born in 1934 in Madrid, is mostly known for his 1970s Pop-Art series of “Urban Landscapes” made on wooden boards, where technology is being perceived as a threat that dehumanizes people instead of helping them in the pursuit for a better, healthier, happier future. Tech is also war, abuse, famine, inequality, insecurity: remember! I asked him on the matter several times, but I never understood such a “threat”, still today, as the “subject” of his painting. He saw the Spanish post Civil War, a devastated country, a broken city. Now the threat is just the possibility of dying – instead of the “impossibility of death”, quoting Damien Hirst’s famous phrase, precisely because of Art …

"In Orcajo's pictorial work there is always an irrepressible desire to decipher the enigma of what exists. His means of investigation is that of figurative representation. He has never had the absolute temptation of the abstract. From his first paintings, of an everyday realism, with an intimate and magical atmosphere between the metaphysical and the surrealist, to his last great compositions, of powerful and emblematic expressionism, Orcajo has known how to translate into pictorial language his constant search to find what is contained in pure visuality. "

Antonio Bonet Correa

Former Director, San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts

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