Le Cadeau

Urban Artist

Mohamed L’Ghacham is a multidisciplinary artist who combines the pictorial language with forms and techniques of urban art. His work is full of delicacy, undoubtedly influenced by Impressionism (artistic movement that developed from the second half of the nineteenth century in Europe). The surprising thing is to see one of these works on a wall and not on the usual canvas.

Le Cadeau

Avantgarde Tudela

Between Rêves And Souvenir




This may seem like a cliché, but I had always liked to draw, since I was very young. I soon became interested in comics and illustration. However, in high school I caught up with graffiti, which was common among many people of my generation. After that, I became interested in painting and I have pursued this interest to this day. It has all been quite “accidental,” because we never talked about art or anything related to art at home. Oddly enough, we still do not talk about it even now.

Mohamed L'Ghacham

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