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Creus & Carrasco Architects is a study directed by Juan Creus and Covadonga Carrasco. In recent years they have been awarded several prizes and special mentions such as the Ar+D Emerging Architecture Award.

We propose to interpret the meaning of geometry and landscape from the traditional debate between the sensible and the rational in architecture, making an equilibrium approach between definitions that, in their apparent contradiction, respond to phases of a cyclic journey, which we carry out when we project and build work.


ARCHITECTURE builds a space that will be used. That rational and necessary question is only verified when it is experienced and lived.
Therefore, although the order proposed a response to a behaviour known, almost globalized, its form is interpreted with what happens, with what is not learned. Thus, to enter the architecture supposes to go step by step, as they do the light and the air.


GEOMETRY refers to that movement, synthesizing the order and making visible the formal structure of that space and, therefore, its capacity to be constructed and reproduced. As a guide, he manages and recognizes habit and convention, discipline.


From LANDSCAPE we usually say that it is an invented space, the framing of a suggestion. In it, the forms it contains do not matter as much as the visualization of the idea that it reveals. An intuition that reveals a way of seeing space without prior reasoning.)
The confrontation between the forms of expression of the known and the intuited leads us to the habitual association between reason and geometry, and between suggestion and landscape, all of the values inherent in architecture.


LANDSCAPE, as a revelation that explains the ways of seeing a space in time, has become a contemporary form of knowledge. Therefore, when searching for a landscape, we also do it to discover its identity.
We can then define it as space worked and intervened, regardless of the type of agents that transform it or the degree of nature or artifice that exists in it.
And that order, which comes directly from the understanding of an environmental cycle or a strategy, can also be transformed into geometry.


GEOMETRY can respond to the trace of action, in appearance without defined form, but with the freedom of a tool that allows us to define and transmit the suggestion.
This new step, from the suggested to the regulated, in architecture, reveals to us that what we initially do not know can provide more order than what we know well and, therefore, that in geometry there is a landscape and in the reasonable suggestion.


ARCHITECTURE also constructs space through direct and unpremeditated action that emerges from experimentation.

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